Better Messages


Version: 3.2.1

Updated: approximately 9 months ago

Created: approximately 3 years ago


Better messages does it's best to do exactly as the name suggests! It adds better configurable messages. You can also disable, configure, and randomise the messages! Designed as an alternative to essentials custom join messages with even more features!

I am going to do my best to make EVERY message customisable.


  • Custom join/leave messages
  • Disable any message that you can configure
  • Bukkit/Hex colour code and PlaceHolders support!
  • Randomised messages
  • Reload command
  • Have messages show on certain counts (e.g. 1st, 5th, 10th join etc)
  • Dimension/World change messages
  • Multiple line messages
  • Supports prefixes and suffixes!
  • YML data saving
  • Make the messages send to certain people
  • Permission specific messages
  • Run commands

Planned Features

  • Command for editing the config in-game
  • Message chance (Chance for a message to be used)
  • Custom death and advancement messages
  • Get notified when you're mentioned in the chat!
  • Message radius

Built-in PlaceHolders

  • {player} player that joined or left/player the event is about (Includes prefix/suffix)
  • {from} name of the world a player left from (World Change only)
  • {to} name of the world a player entered (World Change only)