Hey, I'm JustDoom

Welcome to my website, I enjoy messing around with old game consoles and of course programming!
I mainly work on Minecraft mods/plugins but occasionally make other things which you can check out here. Most of my projects are open source on my GitHub.

I have been programming for 4-5 years now and I have grown a lot over that time. I started programming on Roblox which was really fun, then I moved onto Minecraft where I have learnt Java and am branching off from there into website (This websites backend it in Java!) and game development. In between my projects I have tried out multiple programming languages and have decent knowledge of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, a little PHP, Python and Lua as well as Java which is my main language.

I also have an interest in archiving, more specifically old Minecraft server related programs such as server jars or plugins, you can check out the website here. This also carries into old game consoles such as the old PlayStations and Nintendo consoles (My favourite console is the Nintendo 3DS, perfect combination of modern and old tech right into a perfectly sized portable device).
If you want to contact me or check out my socials you can check out this page.