Version: 1.12 Beta

Updated: approximately 11 months ago

Created: approximately 11 months ago

Designed to be a good scoreboard plugin!


  • Should work with all versions 1.8 - 1.17 but currently only tested specifically with 1.12 and 1.17. It is mainly targeted towards 1.13+


  • PAPI support (Now updates PlaceHolders)
  • Scoreboard (Of course)
  • Non-flicker animations (should work)
  • Built-in PlaceHolders
  • 32 character legacy support


  • Animations (Should be within the next few updates!)
  • Multiple scoreboards
  • Performance optimization
  • And a lot more!

Recently I had been looking for a good scoreboard plugin that was free, sadly at the time, I couldn't find one that worked properly. The only other options were paid ones and they were really expensive for me. So I have now created my own scoreboard plugin!


This plugin is in its snapshot stages, in this time it will be a free project. When it's fully released it will become a premium resource but it will be cheap! I would probably still update for future versions, just not fix any bugs or update it.

If you need support join my discord!