Flappy Anticheat 1.13 - 1.17


Version: 1.7.8 BETA

Updated: approximately 7 months ago

Created: approximately 7 months ago

Working on a re-code, it will include 1.8 - 1.17 compatibility, more checks, better performance and more features so updates will slow down. I will try to add a few new checks while I'm working on that though. You can see progress here https://trello.com/b/R2LLkjzg/flappyac-rewrite

Dev builds for full release are available here

1.18 should work fine. if not contact me on my discord

IP: test.flappyac.com - not online
MC Version: 1.17.1
AC Version: Latest dev build

This is currently mostly for testing the base I've made to make sure there are no bugs, once I've done that i will add more checks


Flappy Anticheat is an anticheat I am making, it currently uses events but I'm going to use packets eventually. I will do my best to fix false positives and bypasses. I aim to make this anticheat highly customizable through the config so every message and check will be customizable.

This should work 1.8 - 1.17 but its only tested on 1.13/1.17


  • GroundSpoof A
  • Fly A
  • BadPackets A-D
  • BlockPlace A-B
  • SkinBlinker A
  • ForceField A
  • Speed A
  • Reach A
  • HighJump A
  • Timer A
  • Inventory A

Known Falses

  • BadPackets B: Just can happen if the player has a bad internet connection (Cant be fixed)
  • Speed A: By slime launching
  • Speed A: By eating and jumping up blocks


  • Reset violations command
  • Violations reset every 5 minutes (Can change in the config)
  • Violation/Punishment Log
  • Reset Violations command
  • Customizable config

Planned Features

  • More checks
  • Ban wave
  • ViaVersion compat
  • View player profile command (player client brand, violations etc)
  • GUI for enabling checks etc
  • Lag back feature/cancel??? Could be an extension
  • Proper 1.8 - 1.17 support possibly
  • Alert interval
  • Max ping (add with pingspoof check)
  • Possibly customizable buffer
  • Discord integration
  • Stop certain client brands joining
  • Include ban config for easy switch, could be on discord or with download
  • Maybe create a website that lets you edit the config easily (change from kick punishments to ban punishments quickly)
  • Better way to get values from config
  • 1.17 support

How to use the API https://github.com/JustDoom/FlappyAC/wiki/API

This is my first anticheat so if there are any problems please let me know on my discord server or make an issue on the github repo before making a review https://discord.gg/wVCSqV7ptB